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BGES is a Business Growth and Exit Service Provider for Small Medium Enterprises with an enviable track record of producing innovative and exceptional results; including helping many businesses to be on the BRW’s Top 100 Fast Starters List and become Business Award Winners.

We assist our clients to be a Smart, Successful and Sustainable Business of today and tomorrow with a clear business growth and exit strategy, profit, cash flow and business value improvement, at the same time future-proofing the business and becoming business exit ready.


Collaborate and Flourish – BBG Parramatta Chapter in alliance with

Great collaboration between BBG & BGES at the Parramatta Business Forum. One of the new business paradigms of the New [...]

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Business Builders Group (BBG) Parramatta in alliance with

Business Builders Group Parramatta Event in alliance with   Business Growth and Exit Specialists are excited to announce an [...]

  • Business Growth Advisor

A Smart Business of Today and Tomorrow – Business Growth and Exit by Design

With the rapid changes in technology, global economy, government regulations, social trends and politics, the new business paradigm is “Adapt [...]

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Can you afford to retire from your business?

Your life during Retirement is supposed to be the best years of your life, the time to reap the [...]

‘Blockchain – Smart Cities and You’ Seminar

 If you have not heard of the Blockchain or Smart Cities initiatives, you will miss out. Attend the ‘Blockchain – [...]

The need for Social Media presence for all businesses

Kerwin Rae has the right idea in regards to the importance of Social Media and also clearly perceives the do [...]

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