At BGES, we assist our clients to be a Smart, Successful and Sustainable Business of today and tomorrow

Business Growth and Exit Specialists Pty Ltd (BGES) is an Effective One Stop Shop Business Growth and Exit Service Provider for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with an enviable track record of producing exceptional results, including helping businesses to be BRW Top 100 Fast Starters List and Business Award Winners.

With the rapid changes in technology, global economy, government regulations, social trends and politics, the new business paradigm is “Adapt or Perish”.

Besides assisting our clients with profit, cash flow, business value improvement, as well as getting our clients to be business exit ready through our innovative, proven and pragmatic methodology and Partners with many years of experience, “Future Proofing” our clients’ businesses is also paramount to our services and beliefs.

Become a Smart, Successful and Sustainable Businesses for today and tomorrow with:

  • Clear Business Growth and or Exit Strategy
  • Profitable and sustainable business
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased profit
  • Improved cash flow
  • Improved business value
  • Business exit ready
  • Cost effective and High ROI

We enhance the national economy by building quality SME businesses with sustainable growth and profitable succession/exit implementation using innovative methodologies and top talent, producing significant value for all stakeholders.

BGES also embraces the “Invest, Grow and Exit” concept in turning struggling SME businesses into top performers with improved business value and exit strategies to benefit all stakeholders with the targeted return on investment between 20% to 100% average per year over a three-year period through active management involvement and shareholding.

We provide highly effective, holistic, pragmatic, value for money business growth and exit services for Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises with high Return On Investment for Business Owners through well proven patented methodologies and track records.

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