The New Year is the perfect time for business owners to assess their business strategically and consider how to ensure success, sustainability and growth.

In the current business landscape, there are many new norms which can severely affect the traditional approach to running and managing a business. Traditional ways of ensuring profitability and competitiveness within the market should be carefully considered.

With disruptive technologies and innovations becoming ever more prevalent and present in the world; including the rise of Social Media, Content Marketing, Cloud Computing, The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, Drones, The Blockchain and Driverless Cars to name more than a few.

With such a vast range of push and pull factors being present, businesses are forced to either adapt and embrace these sentiments and in turn grow their business with their customers’ expectations. Alternatively, on the other hand, face the fact that their business will become increasingly more irrelevant to their current customers but at the worst become extinct.

The challenge for businesses operating today is to ensure that whatever they are delivering to their customer; be it a product or service, they need to make sure that they remain relevant to their target market. In a nutshell, a business owner must ask themselves:

  • Is the product or service you are offering still relevant and in demand from your customers?
  • Are you delivering these products or services to your customers as efficiently and effectively as you can?

Unfortunately, many traditional business building methodologies have become obsolete and ineffective in the current business environment.

There is an ever-present requirement for business management consultants to have an agile and by design based approach when building businesses. This ensures that they can assist their clients to successfully and strategically plan and execute their business growth plans, whilst also pre-empting and combating any uncertainty associated with the rapid changes in the current and future business environment. This innovative approach plays a significant part in the success of existing businesses in this New Age of Business.

Business owners must consider shifting their traditional approach to running their business and open their minds to new perspectives and in turn, create new business opportunities with one eye looking at the present and one eye looking into the future. With this approach, they can be armed with the ability to implement a new business plan that can play a significant part in their success and growth in the future.

Eric Tjoeng

Written by Eric Tjoeng

CEO, Management Consultant, Business Coach, Business Strategist, Business Growth & Exit Specialist