Exit Your Business With The Desired Outcomes

Strategically focussed, being innovative, knowing the business owners’ personal situation and goals, formulating a pragmatic exit strategy and having business value maximisation solutions are hallmarks of BGES’s holistic and practical approach in helping business owners to exit their business and to achieve the desired outcomes.

We Deliver:

An Effective, Holistic and Pragmatic Business Exit solutions through proven methodologies to serve SMEs much more effectively than the current prevalent practices, these include:

  • Viable and pragmatic Business Exit Strategy
  • Business Valuation Methodology endorsed by bankers and professional bodies that can stand in court
  • Solutions to maximise the desired financial outcomes through profit, cash flow and business value maximisation
  • Methodologies to focus on soft issues, taking into accounts aspects of business owners personal situation, their personal goals, retirement and lifestyle considerations, as well as issue of control and transition

Our Value to you and your business:

BGES will only take on an assignment where through an initial free exploratory meeting BGES believes that it can assist SME Business Owners to exit their business with the desired outcomes and produces a high Return on Investment (ROI) for business owners.

As the founder and CEO of Business Growth and Exit Specialists Pty Ltd, Eric Tjoeng has gathered a team of experienced Business Exit Professionals with proven track records to assist SMEs with their business exit journey holistically and pragmatically.

BGES is a useful One Stop Shop Business Exit Service Provider for SMEs through the provision of:

  • A winning formula through deployment of practical and proven methodologies developed over many years of experience in business exit to efficiently produce great results for many SMEs business owners
  • Working as part of the team on site or offsite effectively
  • Experienced Partners with proven track records in business exit
  • Qualified Partners with proven track records in the provision of:
    • Flexible, tailored SME business finances
    • Business management systems
    • Marketing and branding including Digital Marketing/Social Media
    • Sales
    • Operation Management
    • HR Management
    • Accounting and Taxation services
    • Legal services and other value-added services

Critical Services to help you:

  • Business Exit Strategy and Implementation
  • Business Modelling and Scenario Analysis
  • Business Sales Information Memorandum
  • Profit, Cash Flow and Business Value Improvement
  • Financial Control
  • Business Valuation
  • Business Finance
  • Financial Road Map
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operation Management
  • HR Management
  • Business Systemisation
  • Legal Services
  • Accounting
  • Taxation

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